The more comfortable your bedroom is, the better sleep you can achieve. And when it comes to comfort, your HVAC system plays a big role! Here are some tips you can utilize to help improve your sleep.

What’s the Optimal Temperature for Sleep?

The temperature of your bedroom can make a significant difference to your sleep quality. And it makes sense since our body naturally drops temperature when we prepare to go to sleep. The drop in temperature starts about two hours before bedtime, coinciding with the release of melatonin, the sleep hormone. By lowering your thermostat temp at night, you can work in tandem with these natural temperature fluctuations your body has, helping you prepare for an even better night of sleep.

If you’ve been fighting with your partner about the temperature when going to bed, let them know that warmer temperatures aren’t great health-wise for sleeping. Warmer temperatures can cause discomfort and restlessness, not to mention can interfere with the body’s thermoregulation abilities and cause fatigue. Often, a fatigued person will feel physically and mentally tired but unable to fall asleep.

But the question you probably want answered: what’s the best temperature for sleeping? According to the National Sleep Foundation, it’s recommended to set your temp between 60 to 68 degrees for the most comfortable sleep. Of course, the ideal temp can vary from person to person, and sleeping in an ice box in Phoenix isn’t great for your energy costs or HVAC system health. Above all, we recommend each person/family decide what temperature they’re comfortable with and then adjust accordingly.

If you’ve been having trouble falling asleep, your friendly HVAC tech is here to give you a few tips to help you create a more comfortable environment.

Program Your Thermostat

As talked about above – temperature is an important factor when it comes to sleep. When our bodies are too hot or too cold, it decreases our ability to fall into a deeper sleep, keeping us from getting the total rest we need. With a programable thermostat, you can set it to start cooling your bedroom right before you plan to lie down for the night. By the time you’re snug in bed, the climate should be perfect for rest, allowing you to fall asleep quicker and get better sleep.

Lowering the temp in your home every night can help you save money, especially in the winter. It is a different story when it comes to hot summer nights, though. So you’re not shelling out a lot of money on air conditioning at night, you may also want to utilize fans.

Turn on Fans

Fans are a great way to help you cool down at night while also helping reduce the required cooling output from your HVAC system. But did you know fans have other benefits to help with better sleep?

Fans help to keep the air circulating, and good airflow can help you breathe easier, meaning you’ll sleep better. Fans are also a great source of white noise. White noise is an ambient sound that assists our brains in blocking out other disruptive noises. The white noise from a fan can help you drift off and stay asleep much easier. Whether you utilize a ceiling or standing fan, they are great sleep accompaniments to have on hand.

Keep an Eye on Humidity

The humidity levels inside your bedroom can also affect your sleep quality. High levels of humidity can make the air feel stuffy and difficult to breathe. Low levels, on the other hand, can dry out your skin and cause your throat and sinuses to feel dry and scratchy. The ideal humidity levels for your home are between 40-50%.

If the humidity levels in your home are too low, a humidifier can help boost the humidity in your room and improve your sleep. If the humidity levels are too high, there might be a problem with your HVAC system. Call up a professional HVAC technician to check out your system and get your humidity in check.

Change Your Air Filters

We say it over and over again – replace your air filters on a regular basis. We’re not doing it to be annoying (we promise)! Your air filter removes unwanted particles from the air, leaving you with a fresher, cleaner home. When the air filter removes those allergens, dust, bacteria, and other contaminants, you’ll deal with less coughing, sneezing, itchiness, and sore throats. This means less tossing and turning in your sleep, as you’ll be able to breathe easier.

Improve your home’s air quality, and you’ll improve your sleep. Be sure to replace your air filters at least every three months for the best results. If you have pets or a family member that’s especially sensitive to allergens, changing them more frequently is recommended.

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