Your ductwork plays a key role in keeping your home comfortable all year round, but like all HVAC components, it will eventually need to be replaced. But how do you know when it’s time to replace them? Here are six signs it’s time for air duct replacement.

Old Age

Just like any other piece of equipment, ductwork systems get old. Over time, joints, seals, and seams will start to weaken and malfunction. As ductwork starts to deteriorate, so will your comfort. Not to mention, you’ll see an increase in energy costs. Repairs can help patch up issues but know at a certain point, you’re just prolonging the inevitable. Eventually, you’ll need air duct replacement. Usually, this will be every 10-15 years. If you stay on top of your ductwork system’s age and replace them when they’re old, you’ll ensure that your air ducts remain in good condition to provide high air quality in your home.

There are Dents and Punctures

Your home’s air ducts are carefully designed as well as strategically placed to ensure that your home can fully benefit from your HVAC system. When there is damage like punctures and dents, it can significantly interfere with your system’s proper functioning and effectiveness. If you see visible damage, it’s time to call in an HVAC expert to assess what’s going on. You may only need repairs if the damage is small, but if it’s extensive, air duct replacement will be necessary.

You Smell Mold or Mildew

Mold and mildew appear as a result of uneven temperatures inside and outside HVAC ductwork. For example, when warm air travels through cold ducts, condensation can appear. Over a period of time, like several weeks or months, mold and mildew can grow. You’ll be able to smell it when air is pushed into your house through your vents.

Mold and mildew can lead to several health problems. Your furniture may also be damaged if the moisture were to spread along with the spores from the mold or mildew. So, when you smell the musty mold smell, know it’s time to spring into action about replacing your air ducts.

Pest Problems

Pests, rodents, and insects are always looking for safe, dark places to hide and raise their young. Unfortunately, when ductwork is damaged, it provides the perfect opening for pests to move in. When they do, you’ll likely deal with issues including:

  • Spreading of bacteria and microbes
  • Scratching noises during the night as they move through the ductwork
  • Severely impacting the quality of your air as biohazards (feces, urine, etc.) build up in your ductwork
  • Potential damage to your HVAC system if they get near it

If you’re dealing with a pest infestation, it could be a sign your ducts need attention. Not only will you want to contact an HVAC technician, but you’ll also need to contact an exterminator.

More Respiratory Problems

If you find you and your family are sneezing more often or have coughs that aren’t associated with colds or flu, the culprit might be your air ducts. Leaks in your air ducts can facilitate the entering of allergens such as pollen and small dust fragments. Pollen is known to cause allergies in most people, but particularly those who suffer from asthma problems. As we mentioned above, mold and mildew growing in and around your ducts can also cause severe respiratory problems.

If you notice respiratory problems with seemingly no cause, the cause might be your ductwork, and replacement is likely your best course of action.

Improper Installation

As we mentioned, ductwork systems are strategically designed and installed throughout your home to cool and heat your home optimally, all while maintaining efficiency, energy usage, and performance. However, if your ductwork was designed or installed improperly, replacement is necessary. Improper ductwork installation is a common phenomenon in many homes. This can be due to people trying to install ductwork on their own or seeking assistance from unqualified contractors. With improper installation, can result in a loss of energy and an increase in utility costs.

Even with a brand-new AC unit that fits your home, poor ductwork can make comfort and efficiency impossible. If your ductwork is wrongly installed, have an expert replace it with a new one for permanent results.

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