What really happens when you skip regular AC maintenance? Here are some of the issues you may encounter if you decide to do without this important service.

Higher Energy Costs

Keeping up with your regular AC maintenance is a great way to keep energy efficiency in check. With maintenance, you’ll keep your air conditioner running its best by ensuring key components are oiled, tightened, tuned up, and ready to handle the high demands of the hot temperatures where we live. If you skip it, these components can run into problems. And when they do, your system will have to work harder to cool your home effectively, meaning you’ll pay for this in the long run in the form of higher energy bills.

Less Comfort

When you don’t get regular AC maintenance, energy efficiency isn’t the only thing that will decline. Its overall operational quality will also decline. This means your comfort will be at risk, as your AC doesn’t cool your home like it once did. With maintenance services, you can keep your system functioning as effectively as it does efficiently.

Poor Indoor Air Quality

Your air conditioner does more than just cool the air in your home. It also plays a big hand in your indoor air quality. When you don’t schedule your AC maintenance, your unit will circulate dust, dirt, and other pollutants around your home.

Ensure your home and everyone living in it has good indoor air quality by scheduling your air conditioner maintenance regularly. Another way to improve your home’s air quality that doesn’t require the help of HVAC professionals? Replace your air filters every three months.

Increased Repair Costs

Increased strain on your AC can result from skipping maintenance, which increases the chance that you need repairs more frequently. Airflow problems are common with air conditioners that are not well maintained, leading to issues with the evaporator coils. In extreme cases, the coils can freeze completely, causing the system to overheat and shut down without warning. Other problems you might experience can include failing compressors, broken fan blades, damaged capacitors, and refrigerant leaks.

While these repairs may not all happen at one time, they can quickly add up. If you want to save money on AC repairs, schedule your regular maintenance appointments. That way, an HVAC company can identify potential problems before they cause further damage or inconvenience you or your family members.

Possible Voided Warranty

Did your AC come with a warranty? A good number of air conditioners actually require regular maintenance to keep their warranty intact. That means the choice to skip an air conditioner tune-up for even one year can present the risk of voiding your system warranty.

Why does this matter? Because the warranty is usually a layer of protection for a specific amount of time where you aren’t held liable for the costs of repairs and unforeseen problems. Regular maintenance of your system shows manufacturers and service providers that you’re keeping up your end of the bargain. This may not seem like that big of a deal at first, but it can sting pretty badly if you need a repair in the near future that you now have to pay out of pocket for.

Reduced Lifespan

It’s not a secret that Arizona’s climate is very harsh on air conditioners. Our brutal summers already reduce the average air conditioner lifespan compared to other areas of the country. By skipping maintenance, you’ll be shortening your AC’s lifespan even further, meaning you can plan on budgeting for a total system replacement years sooner than necessary.

Imagine if you drove a car for miles and miles with no oil changes or tune-ups. Your car would not last as long as a car that is being cared for with regular maintenance. The same logic applies to your air conditioner. Without maintenance, the inner components are subject to more strain and wear and tear without relief. Your air conditioner is a major investment. Don’t neglect your system and shell out more money on a replacement faster than you have to. Get your money’s worth by maintaining your current system, so it will last for years to come.

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By getting regular maintenance, you can avoid these issues and ensure your system is kept in tip-top shape. Ready for your AC maintenance service? Put your system in the good hands of Comfort World Air Conditioning & Heating! During maintenance, we will thoroughly inspect your cooling system. We’ll check that components are in good shape, everything is oiled and tuned up, and your system is running efficiently.

Not only do we provide maintenance, but we also provide HVAC repair, AC replacement, and air duct repair and replacement services. We take pride in providing reliable, high-quality services to our customers. We’ve been bringing comfort to the valley for over 30 years, so you can count on us to get the job done right. Our highly trained technicians in Scottsdale, Arizona, want to bring a little more comfort to your world!