Summer is nearly here, and with it comes the battle of staying cool and keeping your air conditioning bill under control. The good news is you can avoid melting this summer without going broke! Here are some tips that can help you save on your summer air conditioning bill without being miserable.

Keep your AC Filter Clean

Even with the most advanced HVAC system, you won’t save money on your air conditioning bill if you don’t care for it. Dirty filters can block airflow and make units work harder to cool your home. In fact, cleaning a clogged filter alone can save 5 – 15% in energy use. Make sure your indoor registers aren’t blocked with dust or furniture. Outdoor units should be cleared of leaves, branches, dirt, and grass. When you ensure excellent airflow, you allow for a more efficient performance!

Person setting their white thermostat to save them money on their air conditioning bill.

Try and put your thermostat away from sources of heat to keep your bill lower.

Install Thermostat in the Right Spot

When your thermostat senses an upward spike in temperature, it sends a signal to the AC unit to keep running until it returns to normal levels. Even if the temperature is normal for the rest of the house, the thermostat will still tell your unit to work harder.

To remedy this, try and put your thermostat away from sources of heat. This means away from the kitchen and any heat-generating appliances, as well as out of direct sunlight and any windows.

Plant More Trees

If your home is full of windows or your thermostat just can’t be moved, getting out in your garden can help. If you’ve ever walked around on a hot summer day, you know the instant feeling of walking into shade and feeling a significant temperature difference. You can do that same trick by planting trees to shade your home during the hottest hours of the day. Planting trees and shrubs around your home or even just over your AC unit outside can make your system up to 10% more efficient.

Set the Right Temperature

As it heats up in Arizona, the temperatures on thermostats are set way down. Unfortunately, this is the most efficient way to maximize your air conditioning bill. But this doesn’t mean you need to suffer and sit in your hot house all summer just to save on your bills.

The US Department of Energy recommends aiming for an indoor temperature of 78 degrees F when you’re not at home. The smaller the difference in the outdoor and indoor temp, the more money you save on air conditioning. If you’re thinking that’s still way too hot, one study found that each degree a thermostat is set above 75 degrees F could save 10-15% energy. Even just bumping up the temperature a degree or two while you’re out can still save you!

A white ceiling fan; something that can be used to save on your air conditioning bill.

Ceiling fans are great when used in conjunction with air conditioning because they help to circulate cool air.

Use Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans aren’t made to cool down a room by themselves, but using one can make a big difference. They help cut back on air conditioning needs which can, in turn, save you on your air conditioning bill. While they don’t cool the air, they pull body heat away from the skin and are great when used in conjunction with air conditioning because they also circulate cool air. By using them together, you can raise your thermostat a few degrees and feel just as comfortable.

Get Your System Serviced

By hiring a professional to service your air conditioning system, you keep your system running smoothly. They can clean outdoor coils, check voltage connections, and make sure everything is at proper levels. By keeping up to date on your servicing, your system will work efficiently, saving you money on your bills.

Let us at Comfort World help save you money this summer. Our highly trained technicians in Scottsdale, AZ want to bring a little more comfort to your world!