When air duct repair is needed, it isn’t always obvious. But don’t worry, Comfort World Air Conditioning & Heating is here to help! Here are four signs that mean your air ducts need repairing.

Loud HVAC System

Your HVAC system does make noise while it’s working. However, it shouldn’t be annoying or loud. If you turn on your air conditioning or heating and hear popping, banging, or rattling, chances are you have a ductwork problem. This could mean there’s joint damage, the ducts are poorly fitted, there are holes, or there’s a blockage. Whatever it may be, failing to address these issues means extra wear and tear on your AC and its components.

Temperature Differences

If you notice one or more rooms in your home are improperly warmed or cooled down compared to the rest of the house, you may need air duct repair. No matter what, your ducts should be blowing the same cold air from room to room. This could be caused by faulty, damaged, or leaky ductwork. The air can escape through these problem areas and your AC will not be able to warm up or cool down a particular area of your home. To verify this problem, use an indoor thermometer. If the temperature differences are clearly noticeable, you need to get your ducts inspected right away.

Dirt Accumulation

Dirt and dust accumulation happens in every home. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ignore it as it could mean your ductwork is in trouble. If you do, you and your family could be exposed to allergens and molds that might cause serious respiratory issues.

HVAC systems circulate air throughout your home, and that air is meant to be clean and filtered. Normally, dust and debris are caught in the air filters that you change out regularly. When you start to see that dust and dirt accumulate around vents, there’s an issue with the filtration in your air ducts. Leaky or damaged ducts are a place where dirt can enter the ductwork and spread contaminated air throughout your home as well as break down your HVAC equipment. It’s important to schedule air duct repair right away so there isn’t lasting damage to your home or your family.

High Energy Bills

It’s normal for some air to escape when traveling through your ducts. But when a lot of air escapes, you’ll see it reflected on your energy bill. The reason for the high energy bill is because even though you set your thermostat to a certain temp, the indoor temp gets cooler but not sufficiently enough. That’s because a lot of air is escaping, making your HVAC system work harder. If you haven’t recently installed a lot of electronics in your home, you might want to schedule some air duct repair.

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