Deciding between an HVAC system repair or replacement? It can be a difficult choice for any homeowner. To help you out, we’ve put together a few key factors you may want to think about before making this decision.

Factors in HVAC System Repair or Replacement


Most HVAC system lifespans are between 10- 15 years, so there’s no need to replace your system if it’s younger or still functioning properly in its older age. In that case, it’ll be more cost-efficient to have it repaired. If your unit is nearing the end of its lifespan, that means the chance of it having repeated need for repairs goes up. As the components of your HVAC get older and malfunction more, it’s generally cheaper to replace the entire unit than pay for repairs every season.

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An HVAC system impacts the health and safety of your entire home.

Health and Safety

An HVAC system impacts the health and safety of your entire home greatly. A properly performing system help reduce mold and mildew growth while also improving indoor air quality. If your unit isn’t performing right, you may notice your indoor air quality suffering. A malfunctioning unit can also have scary consequences, including fire hazards and carbon monoxide poisoning. If you think your unit is a hazard to your family and home, it’s best not to take chances and get the entire thing replaced.


Even if your HVAC unit is less than 10 years old, you need to make sure it’s running efficiently. Just because it’s running doesn’t mean it’s working at full capacity. Hire a technician to check your system and see if it’s running well and if there are any energy leaks. If there are any issues, they’ll help make the few repairs to get your unit in good shape again.

It’s also important to keep in mind that the older your system is, the less efficient it becomes. New technology has made systems more efficient, which can combat rising energy costs. These utility savings often offset the cost of a new system to a large degree, especially when considering both the inefficiency and maintenance costs of an older system.

Cost Concerns

If you’re still waffling between an HVAC system repair or replacement, then consider the cost of the repair. If the repair costs less than 50% of the HVAC system value, then it may be the better option. If this is also one of the first significant repair or maintenance costs since installing your HVAC system, then repair is still a better option.

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