Don’t have your heater breakdown in the middle of winter! Here are six telltale signs you need heating repair so you can get it fixed before it’s too late.

High Energy Bill

If you’ve recently been using your heater and your energy bill jumped in price from last year, you’ve just found out there’s something wrong with your heater.

Nothing lasts forever, so over time, your heating system will wear down and become less efficient. This reduced efficiency means your heater may take longer to get the house to the right temperature. Sometimes utility companies do raise rates, but it’s usually done gradually. If your bill leaps up dramatically, you’ll probably be needing some heating repairs.

Poor Air Quality

You may not be able to see the air quality in your home. But that doesn’t mean you don’t know when it’s off. If the air in your home seems dusty or stuffy, it likely isn’t because of your cleaning habits but because something is wrong with your heater. Especially if members of your family also show signs of respiratory illness or asthma.

Furnaces in need of repair are notorious for circulating dust, mildew spores, and other potential contaminants and allergens throughout your home. You could try changing the filter in your furnace first, as it could be damaged or dirty. But if your family members are having respiratory issues, it’s best to get the professional in to quickly find the problem and fix it.

Strange Noises

All heating systems make a little noise, but a furnace in good shape should be relatively quiet. If you’re hearing pops, squeaks, squeals, rattles, or bangs, you know something is not good. These noises could be an indication that your heater has a missing or broken part or even that debris is stuck in your unit. Bottom line with noises from your heater: any new and especially strange noises should be your sign to call your heater repair guy.

It’s Blowing Cold, Little, or No Air

Blowing cold air, blowing little air, or blowing no air at all…these are signs you need heating repair pronto.

If you’ve turned on your heater but the air coming out is cold, it could be due to a few reasons. You could have the thermostat set incorrectly, your furnace has overheated, the pilot light keeps going out, there’s a problem with the gas supply, or it simply hasn’t warmed up yet. If you’ve waited 10-15 minutes and checked to make sure the thermostat is on the right setting and temperature and it’s still blowing cold air, it’s likely your heater will need some sort of repair.

Little to no air coming out is a different problem entirely. Your heating system should produce noticeable airflow through the vents in your home. If you put your hand in front of a vent, you should feel air against it. If don’t feel anything, it’s probably an issue with the blower or blower motor. The blower is responsible for pushing air out of the registers and when it fails, no air comes out. This issue has the same outcome as cold air blowing through your vents. If you notice little to no air, you’re likely in need of heating repair.

You Have to Turn the Heat Up High

Are you cranking your heat up high to get your house to warm up? That’s an indication of a heater problem. You may find that your heater doesn’t keep you warm at the typical temperature setting. This is a sign that your heater isn’t running as efficiently as it should. Having your furnace repaired will save you money on your electricity bills and help ensure your home stays toasty warm without having to crank up the heat.

It’s Been Awhile Since Your Last Repair

It’s crucial to have your HVAC system serviced every year to make sure there are no unknown issues that could be causing damage or problems. We know it’s not the most exciting, but these inspections could end up saving you a lot in future repair costs. For the health of your HVAC system and the health of your family, make sure you book an inspection before it gets chilly. You don’t want to experience heater problems on a cold day!

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