It can be the stuff of nightmares – your AC isn’t blowing cold air on a hot Arizona day. Before you panic, know that we’ve got your back. Here’s a list of six common reasons your air conditioner isn’t blowing cold air and how to troubleshoot them.

You May Have a Thermostat Issues

If your AC is not blowing cold air, the first step is to make sure the thermostat is working. The issue could be as simple as your thermostat being set to the wrong temperature. If it’s set to a higher threshold, it might not be turning on. It may also not be cooling if it’s set to “Auto” instead of “On.” If you’ve double-checked these things, you should see if there are any breakers that have been tripped.

Your Filters are Dirty or Clogged

You may not think a filter has this big of an impact on your AC blowing cold air, but it does. AC units rely on easy access to circulated air to return cold air to your home. Filters trap and keep lint, pollen, dust, and dander from circulating in your home. When you don’t change the filters regularly, air cannot flow correctly and your AC unit may shut off.

The good news? You can fix (and prevent) this yourself by changing out your air filters regularly. You should be changing them out about every three months. If you live with pets, you should change them more often.

The Registers are Blocked

Just like dirty air filters can restrict airflow, registers (or vents) can do the same. Return registers take air into the system and supply vents blow cool air into your home. A clog or block in either can cause problems. A clog could be restricting the air near a vent, so the room that vent is in may feel warmer than the rest of the house. Or a vent could get closed by accident, making one room feel particularly warmer. These are good indications to get your vents and ductwork checked by a professional so they can fix the problem.

There’s a Problem with the Evaporator Coil

Your evaporator coil could be another reason you aren’t getting cold air in your home. These coils can get dirty, be prone to problems with mildew because of constant moisture, or even freeze up if the refrigerant is running low. Any issue with the coils can cause disruptions with your air conditioner system, causing it to overheat and shut off. This can be hard to figure out on your own, so it’s best to get an experienced technician on the case.

The Refrigerant is Too Low

Just as we mentioned above, if your AC system is running low on refrigerant, it could be the reason for your troubles. Refrigerant is the chemical necessary to cool your home. The amount never reduces, but if there’s a leak, then you won’t have enough refrigerant to blow cold air into your home. To identify a refrigerant leak, you’ll hear a hissing noise while your AC is on, or you’ll notice cold air blowing, but it will take an extremely long time to cool down your home. This isn’t something you should try and fix yourself as this repair process takes specialized training. If you suspect you have a leak, an HVAC professional will handle it for you!

There’s a Leak in Your Air Ducts

A leak in your air ducts may be harder to diagnose, but it could be costing you cold air and money. Over time, your air ducts can become poorly sealed, lose insulation, and cause air to leak. This means cold air is being filtered into the walls before it reaches the vents. If your air ducts are older, that may be the reason behind your AC trouble, and a technician can inspect and repair your ductwork.

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